All WordPress Sites Defended by Wordfence

Accuraty is your premier hoster of WordPress sites in Central Illinois. One tragic flaw to WordPress' popularity is that it is a favorite target of hackers. At Accuraty we take our hosting security very seriously. That is why effective immediately for 2016, we have turned to Wordfence to assist in keeping your site(s) safe. All WP sites on Accuraty now have Wordfence installed and set to auto-upgrade.

What is Wordfence?

Wordfence is a free security plugin that hardens (makes more secure) your WordPress site against a variety of common attacks. If you’d like to learn more about exactly what it guards against, you can check out their site, but the list of defenses is very comprehensive and getting better every day!

Wordfence has a free version and a premium version. All Accuraty WP sites now have the free version installed. The premium version does have some nice features (remote scanning and a wealth of other advanced options), if you are interested in upgrading, please contact us. We sell individual site licenses at $59.95 and have discounts for multiple year and multiple domains.